Instagram: Best Nine 2017

Its that time of year to find out the best 9 pics of 2017 on my Instagram feed.

Drum roll please.


This year was very different than previous years, I actually picked up the camera once. Crazy right?!  The majority of the pics that was posted on my Instagram feed was from my archive.  In my prior years photography was a priority, nowadays it has taken a back seat.  My free time is pretty sparse, instead of choosing to shoot I decided to focus on my health & well-being and real life relationships (family).

I’ve been frequently asked when I’ll shoot again and to be honest I don’t have an answer for that.  I do miss the creativity that photography brings to me and one day I’ll pick up that camera & Wacom.  Possibly I should make it a New Years resolution to shoot more.  Shoot more than once a year.

-Rodney Alan

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