The Reveal

Its been awhile since my last blog post so I figured I’d write something.  Its also been awhile since I’ve shot some Polaroids.  Given that my last blog post was about the end of Fuji’s FP-100C I was in the mood to shoot some Polaroids.

Since I had a test coming up with Sydney of No Ties Management that would be a good time to shoot a pack from my expired stash.  The last time I shot Sydney was for some client e-commerce work over a year ago.

Broncolor-Para-222-San Diego-Fashion-Photographer-Rodney-Alan

During our shoot I was testing out my new modifier, the Broncolor Para 222.  If you’re not familiar with it let me tell you about it, this thing is huge!  We used the Para 222 as the main light for some beauty shots then decided to take a few Polaroids.

The camera used was Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with the Polaroid back.  While waiting for the Polaroid to develop we got to talking about Instagram Stories and if and/or how we use it.  Just when I was about to peel apart Sydney reached for her iPhone to share it on her Instagram story.

And here’s a few of those Polaroids from my test with Sydney.


San-Diego-Fashion-Photographer-Rodney Alan-100

-Rodney Alan

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