End of an Era: Fuji Peel-Apart Instant Film

Here’s another of many blog posts that sat unfinished in my query.  This was practically finished in terms of being written the day of when the Fuji announced the news, however I didn’t have any scanned Polaroids to accompany this write up.

Its another sad day for instant film photographers.  While Fuji’s Instax film still thrives, their peel-apart instant film also known to others as pack film is officially dead.  Fuji announced that they will discontinue the Fuji FP-100C.  For those that are unfamiliar, this is their color instant film.  What’s unique about this film is that it was a peel-apart where the picture revealed itself after separating the negative from the positive.  The picture itself maybe the end product, but the users’ experience would lend a visual memory of “magic” appearing right in front of them.  The first time I took a picture of my son using the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with a Polaroid back I peeled apart the film in front of him and his reaction was priceless.  Its experiences like this that will go away with the end of this film.

Rodney Alan San Diego Orange County Fashion Beauty Photographer-2

Back in 2013 Fuji announced the end of their black and white instant peel-apart film, FP-3000b, if you didn’t see that blog post be sure to check out the quick write up I did of it some time ago.  When that news was announced I made a small stock pile that I still have it around waiting to be used.  Initially I bought it for a personal project, but ended scraping that idea. Considering the scarcity of this film I’ve thought of selling it.  I’m still on the fence about selling, but someday I’ll come up with a project that would be suited with for that film.  I didn’t stock pile the FP-100C so all I have left are the pics and the memories left behind.

Its the end of an era for peel-apart film.  RIP.

Rodney Alan San Diego Orange County Fashion Beauty Photographer-1

-Rodney Alan




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