PSA: I Won’t Ask You to Shoot

Its been brought to my attention that some guy is associating or impersonating me to shoot with girls.  Apparently he is meeting girls in chat rooms then asking them to send pictures in various poses and multiple outfit changes via email.  All with the intention of having the girl meet him in San Diego or New York City.

This makes me pretty irate that there are creeps doing shit like this.  I don’t know what this guy’s intention, but I hope that know no one falls for his tactics.  If you’re contacted by someone posing as me or saying they work with me please know that I only have one email address.  That email will be sent from my domain,

As a side note, chances are I won’t ask you to shoot.  If we happen to shoot it will be done through your agency.  And if you don’t have an agency, chances are slim to none that we would even be shooting at all.  Its not my style to hit up random girls on the Internet to shoot or test.  Thats not how I work.  Let me put it this way, I’m a professional and these things are handled in a professional manner and through proper channels.

-Rodney Alan

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