Instagram: A Change of Times

Its amazing how much we as a society use and/or depend on the apps on our smart phones.  These apps have integrated so much into our daily routine that one can become “lost’ without it.  I for one use a handful of applications for finance, social media and entertainment.  These apps has brought a new level of convenience and accessibility.  And I’m sure others can agree to that as well.

When a developer makes a change to their app it can be viewed as a welcomed update or seen as disruptive to the user community.  Recently Instagram released news on their blog that they plan on changing the way users see their feed from chronological to a curated over the upcoming months.  So what does this mean?  It could mean a lot.  It could lead to a better user experience or the downfall of Instagram.  Both of these scenarios are possible.  Its still early to tell.

If you haven’t seen it, check out Instagram’s announcement below.

Remember back in 2009 when Facebook decided to implement an algorithm to the feed?  People was up in arms talking about how it would be the end of Facebook and it will soon join MySpace as one of the fallen stars of social media.  Well it turns Facebook is still around and stronger then ever.  Society has integrated Facebook into their daily routine that its nearly impossible to not be a part of it.  Maybe a more accurate statement is that Facebook has integrated itself onto society’s daily routine.

So fast forward to today and Facebook’s algorithm.  People still use Facebook despite the filtered feed and I feel that it will be similar with Instagram.  The user community will hate the change but continue to still use the platform.  From my point of view the algorithm of Facebook’s feed is smart enough to know the user’s viewing habits.  And I suspect that Instagram would not be any different.

The Search & Explore tab feels like its using a similar algorithm already.  I’m sure that’s a given since Facebook owns Instagram.  But that’s besides the point.  Just last week my Search & Explore page was curated with media from fashion, photography  and snowboarding.  Today my Search & Explore page has started to populate pics related to surfing which makes sense cause I was looking at a lot of beach and surf pics the other day.  I don’t follow anyone in those realms but their algorithm has caught on of my viewing history.  

So should the user community freak out about this upcoming change?  Probably not, however  if you want particular profiles to show up on your feed then you should start engaging with them more often so that you can ensure that it won’t fall off your feed.  In my case I need to work on my engagement.  My social media platforms has evolved to be more or less a one way street where I put things out there and tend to shy away or just don’t follow up.  This probably had something to do with being an introvert.  In any case that’s something I’m working on.

And what good is a blog post if I don’t share some of my work.  Since this blog post was about Instagram why not share something from my own feed.  Here’s a pic of Makaila from our road trip to Utah.

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impromptu swims with @makailakayho #utah #lake #swim

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-Rodney Alan

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