Photoshop Disasters

Photographers can consider themselves to be a photo retoucher at some level, whether its the occasional zit zapper of portraits, iPhone app user of selfies (i.e. Facetune) or high end retoucher for advertising campaigns.  And by ‘photographer’ I use that term loosely so before I tangent off into some rant let me gather my thoughts bear with me.

Everyone is familiar with Photoshop and its power to enhance or fine tune the beauty of a photograph.  It also has its downfalls where these enhancements have gone over the board or maybe unnoticed by some but apparent to others.  The internet is always fast to point these out especially when it comes to Photoshopped selfies on Instagram.

Recently Snickers took out an ad on the back cover of the 2016 Sport Illustrated’s swim suit issue.  In this add they poke fun of the Photoshop disasters of years past.  Snickers says there are 11 Photoshop mistakes in the pic.  See if you can find them, I’ll list them in the comment section below.


-Rodney Alan


One thought on “Photoshop Disasters

  1. 1. Horizon
    2. Missing purse
    3. Hair cloned
    4. Hand on the shoulder
    5. Missing leg
    6. Belly button
    7. Missing bikini strap
    8. Catchlights in the eye
    9. Half of a necklace is missing
    10. Bracelets
    11. Earrings

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