The Mountains are Calling

Every now and then I enjoy getting away and “disconnecting” from it all.  During the winter I happen to do that more often.  Let me put that into more context, bare with me.  My friends and I lease a house for 7 months just for the winter season.  What makes this year different is its a new house and this year’s particular weather conditions.

The past couple of winters have been lackluster in regards to snowfall for California.  The snowfall has been less than spectacular and not much to boost about compared to previous years.  However Winter 2015/16 is different. Its one of those winters that will be talked about and memories of epic pow days will be had because of El Nino.  So while the Eastern Sierra Nevada gets dumped with fresh snow basically every few days know that I’ll be in the mountains getting some turns.

Some have probably noticed the lack of updates on the blog and social media platforms.  While I’m away from Southern California I’m still shooting, however its been primarily in the Mammoth Lakes area.  So if you’re wondering consider this my out of office notification for the next 6 months or whenever the snow melts.

Capita x Spring Break Slush Slasher

Sidenote:  The picture above was from a fun pow day about 2 weeks ago with my buddy Marco who happens to be an kick-ass creative.  Anyways a storm came through the night before and it dropped about 16″of fresh snow.  We were literally lapping the whole mountain for a few hours non-stop.  I had to take a leak and the nearest restroom was 30 minutes away.  Certainly wasn’t going to wait that long so I ducked into some trees.  When I came back to where I left my snowboard, thought this was a cool pic of my new pow board.  By the way if you’re into snowboarding the Capita x Spring Break Slush Slasher is such a fun board in all conditions.

-Rodney Alan


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