Photoshop or Nah?

I was listening to a morning radio show the other day and the conversation was about Kim Kardashian’s nude photo shoot in the desert with fashion photographer Kesler Tran.

Apparently the internet is up in arms regarding the pics being Photoshopped.  Someone tweeted a pic comparing a screen shot from the realty show and a pic from the photo shoot.


First let’s address the picture comparison.  The picture on the left, screen shot of their reality show, is of a different angle then the photo shoot.  So whether the picture from the photo shoot was Photoshopped or not it cannot be determined by comparing these 2 pictures.  I can’t believe the Internet is making a big deal about the use of Photoshop.  When did society become so critical to scrutinize one’s appearance.  Why can’t we just appreciate the photography as art regardless of the process i.e. Photoshop.  Ughh before I digress let me reel this back in.

When it comes to my photography I use Photoshop.  I’ll use it sparingly for skin cleanup or even to alter body shapes and limbs.  When used I won’t alter figures drastically, however I’ll use it to shape the body to what I feel is of agency standards in regards to fashion models.

Whether you agree with the use of Photoshop, photography is an art form.  Its no different if the pictures were drawn or painted.  An artist will craft the final image to fit their vision.  Because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what others think.  Photography is art so let it be.

-Rodney Alan

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