Just Shoot

I’ve never been good at taking landscapes.  Actually let me rephrase that.  I’ve don’t have the patience for taking landscapes.  As a fashion photographer I can appreciate the beauty and skill of a landscape photographer, but couldn’t pull it off myself.  With that being said it doesn’t stop me from attempting it.  I may not be the next Ansel Adams, but I still take landscapes for the love of photography.  And given that I have so much scenery just in San Diego and the surrounding areas of Southern California its hard not to try my hand at it.

Torrey Pines Glider Port by Rodney AlanMamiya 645 AFD II | Leaf Aptus II

On occasion I’ll go out and take some landscapes.  Here are couple pics that I’ve taken the past few months, but haven’t really done anything with.  In the picture above I took that with a medium format camera and a digital back.  Never looked at the compact flash card till yesterday.  After seeing it I should probably go out take more landscapes.

La Jolla by Rodney AlanContax G2 | Kodak Gold 200

Over the years I’ve accumulated so many cameras that I’ll go out and “play” with them just for the fun of it.  Knowing well that it won’t be exhibited in a gallery or a print that will sell for thousands of dollars.  When I pickup a camera I’ll capture light as it falls and just shoot for the love of it.

-Rodney Alan




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