Race to the Bottom

A few days ago I came across 14 Tips for Photographers Who Want to go Pro written by Zhang Jingna on the Profoto Blog.  Its such a great article that I shared it on my facebook page with a tip of my own to round off the list, #15 Know Your Self-Worth.

When a photographer decides to take their passion to the next level by shooting professionally it can be a surreal feeling.  Knowing that there are others that values your vision other than your mom or significant other.  However one has to know their self-worth and the true cost of their time to effectively turn your passion into a profitable business.  So lets be honest, as a fashion photographer shooting look books, line sheets or even portfolio updates on the cheap is not going to keep your business a float for long.  In a previous blog post of mine I go over the implications of shooting for free or for a discount.

By undercutting your competition you’re essentially racing to the bottom.  Think about it, you may be busy booking work, but you’re working for peanuts.  Evaluate your cost structure and price your craft accordingly.  If shooting professionally is something you aspire know the price your market will bear and hope that your craft/vision is up to par and priced to keep you profitable.

-Rodney Alan




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