Behind the Shot | Olivia

“Behind the Shot” is a series of blog posts where I provide a little insight.  Behind the camera thoughts sort of speak.  Here I’ll talk about some technical geek speak, camera gear or maybe my thought process to getting the shot.  Every picture has its story so here is mine.

In this particular shot the model is Olivia of No Ties Management and the location is some random hiking trail in Southern California.

This particular test almost didn’t happen.  Let me set the scene here so this story makes sense.  It’s late June, the weather has been very unseasonable.  For the past 6 weeks it’s been May Gray / June Gloom conditions in Southern California.  The sun was almost non existent where the day temps were in the low 60s and it didn’t feel like summer at all.  The weather was gray and dull to the point that the pics would lack a mood or feeling.  As a fashion photographer, personally I like the sun to be out so that it gives a bit of dimension via  highlights and shadows.  Also with the sun I can create a mood in my pics.

The morning of the test the weather started to look promising.  The clouds were burning off and it seemed like the sun might come out.  As the morning went on a few clouds started to roll in.  I was thinking to myself it’s only a few clouds, no big deal.  But as more clouds came through the skies started to turn dark.  A few minutes later the clouds produced some mist then light rain.  Within 15-20 minutes the streets and grounds were wet.  By the time I arrived to Olivia’s house I was doubting that this test was even going to work out.  The skies were super gray and the streets were wet.

Since this was our second time shooting together we were chatting away and updating with whats new since we last saw each other.  By the time we were caught up, the skies cleared a bit.  We figured just to shoot as long as the weather holds up.  We checked out some hiking trails and just explored.  If something looked interesting we stopped to take a few shots then move on.  We basically walked aimlessly enjoying nature and snapping a few pics along the way.

This was my first time at this hiking trail.  I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t have a shot list in mind, however I knew exactly what I wanted once I was in the area we were working with.  After a short hike we came across this fence and thats where I had Olivia post up for a shot.  This fence was just an ordinary fence, however I was able to give this plain fence something more.  The sun, if any, was in the right position and the background had the right elements.  By directing Olivia I was able to capture a moment.  A moment thats seen through her posture which creates a mood and feeling along with a combination of how I framed the shot.

San Diego Fashion Beauty Photographer

When shooting at wide open spaces like this hiking trail the possibilities are endless.  Considering that we didn’t have the best weather conditions early in the morning I want to come back to this spot again during golden hour and see what else we can create.  Its always fun to link up with Olivia, she has good energy and great vibes that shooting her is like a walk in the park. Literally.

Thanks for tuning in for this installment of Behind the Shot.  Check out more of my Behind the Shot blog posts here.

-Rodney Alan

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