No Weather Hold

California is known to be the sunny state.  However during the seasons of late Spring, early Summer it can be a little bi-polar giving way to cloudy overcast days.  Locals refer to this as June Gloom where clouds dominate the majority of the day and if lucky, some hazy afternoon sunshine in the coastal region.

Over the past few weeks its been June Gloom here in San Diego.  Shooting outdoors with the intention of using natural light has been a crap shoot to say the least.  The odds of any sunshine on the coast have been nil to none.

In keeping with my mantra of ABS (Always Be Shooting), I needed to test.  Waiting around for the weather to get better wasn’t going to happen so I took a chance and tried my luck with Mother Nature.  I got in touch with my good friend Morgan of Scout Models to see if she’s available to test before she leaves for a 4 month modeling assignment in Asia.  You can read up about Morgan’s model travel adventures on her new blog.  Turned out that the sun never made an appearance.

San Diego Fashion Photographer Rodney Alan

There were 2 options: shoot outdoors in the drab, sunless skies or shoot indoors against a white wall with flash.  I opted for the latter because its been a few years since I’ve shot hard light against a white wall.  Plus I wanted to see how the Sony A7R paired with a Sony HVL F60M flash pars on something like this.  For the most part this was a quick test, nothing technically difficult about this shoot.

Here’s the recipe for hard light, white wall:  Take gorgeous model (Morgan), add hard light on-camera or on-axis flash then add flash compensation to your taste.  Easy peasy.  Every time Morgan and I shoot there is literally never a bad shot, well on occasion there might an awkward “Earthworm Jim” neck thing she does, but that seldomly happens 😉

At the going rate of June Gloom if I held off due to weather who knows when the next time I would get an opportunity to shoot. I’m kinda glad I took a chance because there are times like this that can’t be passed up and its always neat to have a camera around to create those moments.

San Diego Fashion Photographer Rodney Alan

-Rodney Alan

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