Don’t be Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla flavored ice cream is considered to be plain to some.  To those others, vanilla happens to also be their favorite.  Personally I find it good, but its not for me.  Of all the possible flavors available why would I chose plain vanilla when I can have vanilla with sprinkles, nuts or some kind of topping.  Maybe even Rocky Road.

That’s how I feel about photography filters.  You know the ones that with a click of a button it makes pictures vintage.  Personally I’ve never been a fan of buying photography filters, plug ins or presets.  I mean why buy these filters so that your pictures can look just like everyone else.  I find those filters, plug ins and presets to be like vanilla.  Don’t get me wrong I’m all about using presets just as long as its something that I created.  The power of presets are such a time saver, but that’s not what this blog post is about.

Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Beauty Photographer

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Focal Length

I shared this picture in a Facebook group among other creatives and in one of comments asked with what Photoshop plug-in / filter was used on this picture.  To their surprise no filter or plug in was used in toning this.  Just a curve layer with some dodge & burning.  If you’re new to dodge & burning be sure to check out an old blog post of mine, Dodge & Burn Like a Makeup Artist.

By all means if you don’t know how to tone or color grade a picture then these Photoshop filters will be of some value to you.  But don’t expect your pictures to stand out in a sea of others flooding the Internet.

-Rodney Alan

One thought on “Don’t be Vanilla Ice Cream

  1. You described it plain and perfect, just like your style of photography. I love your work and find it very interesting that your way of editing is similar to mine. Would love to do a collab with you one day!

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