On occasion I’ll look back in my archives and experiment with new post process ideas.  One thing that is consistent about my shooting is the lighting I use.  For the most part I almost always shoot in the shaded light.  And for good reason.  The quality of soft light is just amazing.

San Diego Fashion Beauty Photographer Rodney Alan DSC02080

While digging through the archive and by digging I mean searching through Adobe Lightroom.  I came across a test with Morgan of Scout Model & Talent with Ty Marie Frost helping out with the hair and makeup.

The reason for my revisitation to my old work, I wanted to try a  technique by achieving a film look to a few pics from different shoots to see if I can get consistent tones across multiple sets.  In order to do so the quality of light had to be similar therefore I chose some pictures where I used shaded light during varying times of the day.  Considering that these were shot nearly a year ago I went ahead and essentially reprocessed these again.

San Diego Fashion Beauty Photographer Rodney Alan DSC02076

When I look back on my old work I wonder why I didn’t pick some as my selects.  Like these 2 pictures for example.  My vision has either evolved or I must of blinked and passed over the pics.  Maybe next year I’ll find more gems from past tests like this to share.

-Rodney Alan

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