There is something to be said about keeping things simple.

At times I want a black coffee or a Carmel Machiatto with soy, no whip, extra hot.  But when it comes to photography I don’t like to over complicating things.  I find that simple just works for me.

I’ve had client consultation meetings where they have mentioned how much they like my style.  From the pictures/retouching to the makeup and wardrobe.  The clients just like how it’s simple yet beautiful and enjoy how clean the results are without it being over the top.  Who would of known that shooting things with simplicity in mind can win over new work and new clients.

In my latest “Behind the Shot” post I mentioned that my preferred makeup is that fresh, clean, dewey look because well, its simple.  When shooting beauty I love to start the day with that natural look as I described earlier.  Just recently I had a beauty test with Adrienne of No Ties Management and Amy Ruiz helping out with the makeup and hair.

Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Beauty Photographer 20150321-IMG_1561-EditAdrienne.  Canon 5D Mk II | 180L

I find that a simple shot can have a strong or powerful meaning without all the glitz and glamour of wardrobe, makeup and post production i.e. Photoshop.  In reality there’s a lot of work to be done behind the scenes for beauty, but the end result makes it look all simple.  That’s probably why I enjoy shooting beauty.  The picture alone has nothing to distract the viewer other than the pure beauty found in itself.

And in keeping with the theme of simplicity I’ll end this blog post here.  Now if only figuring out what to eat for lunch was this simple.

Thanks for reading.

-Rodney Alan

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