Film: Labor of Love

McKenna photographed by Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Beauty Photographer

 The other day I was cleaning up the office desk and stumbled across a roll of developed film.  Held the roll up to the light and realized that I haven’t scanned it yet.  I turned on the film scanner, feed the roll in and boom.  A couple digital pics to share on the internet.  Turns out these pics are from a test I had with McKenna of Wilhelmina.  It was a fun day filled with sun, beach and adventure.  What more can one ask for, right?!

This got me thinking why don’t I shoot more film.  I enjoy the process and workflow.  Its a labor of love, but apparently I don’t shoot it as much as I would like.  In past tests, I’ve attempted to shoot all film, however I would bring a digital camera just in case.  Most of the times that digital camera ended up being the main camera used.  I brought it along as a crutch for that “just in case” situation.  Cause we all know those situations do happen like this one time.  Well for those times I brought the crutch it ended up backfiring on me.  I wound up shooting less film and more digital.

McKenna photographed by Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Beauty Photographer

I shoot enough digital for client work.  The attraction to digital has lost its charm for me.  I’m not that pumped up to pick up a digital camera like I use to be. I feel like I’m just churning out work.  As much as I totally dig the e-comm work I deliver for clients its not really anything that captivates me as an artist.  And that’s when I decided to start shooting personal work with my film cameras.

I have this project in mind that I look forward to shooting.  I planned just about everything in my head just have to put it down on paper. Then comes the location scouting, team selection and talent casting.  So this is my pledge to shooting more film.  Start shooting personal projects to feed the creative side in me.  Because the business side just needs to pick up a camera and remember why fashion photography is fun.

-Rodney Alan

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