The Social Marketing Experiment – Part 2

Khristina Sar photographed by Rodney AlanKhristina.  Sony A7R | Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8

Part 2 of the Social Marketing Experiment.

If you missed Part 1 be sure to read up so that the rest of this blog entry makes sense.

This is the conclusion to my Social Marketing Experiment. In my previous blog entry I left off with the downsides to my approach to social media.  Let me tell you some of them.

At most industry events, I would have a hard time meeting people by the chance of being recognized.  Where as my friends would have complete strangers approach them by recognizing their faces based on selfies that they’ve post.  Over the years I’ve noticed that having a recognizable face has been a good ice breaker to meeting new people at industry events.

However I never set out for my face to be recognized.  What I want known is my work.  I want it to have a voice.  I want my work to connect with the viewer, create a feeling, or even evoke a reaction.

When I would meet people for the first time the most common reaction I get is the “ahhhh so you’re Rodney Alan” more or less.  After the introduction they would then go on to say they’ve seen my work of say model ABC or with client XYZ.  From there I could sense that my work has left an impression of some sort that made it recognizable to my name.

I could be going about this all wrong. Maybe potential leads and clients want to associate my name with a face or personality.  Maybe they would have a sense of comfort, a connection or something to relate to if they knew who the person on the other end of the email or phone. To some this could be a deal breaker, but I’ll take my chances..

Let’s face it (no pun intended 😉 ) in a service based industry one’s face does matter. Ever wonder why real estate agents have their pictures on their business cards or dentists have pictures of themselves in the about us section of their website.  Its there so that the potential client can gain comfort with the service provider i.e. the real estate agent or dentist. Some level of comfort so that the prospective client will pick up that phone or write that email.

The photography imaging industry with it’s numerous genres or specialties is no different.  Wedding, commercial advertising and even fashion photographers have pictures of themselves on their websites.  And for good reason too as mentioned earlier.

With all these positive things said then why do I still choose to “hide” behind my craft, my art or pictures.  There isn’t really a solid reason why, I just choose to focus Rodney Alan as an artist as opposed to being a person or personality.  Does it work?  I would think so.  I choose to win my clients’ business through the quality of my work.   Clients will see the value and appreciate my artistic vision and would care less for my charming smile or funny personality.

So what turned out to be a social marketing experiment ended up being my everyday approach to marketing on social media.  It may not be the traditional approach, but nothing I’ve done as a fashion photographer has been traditional.

-Rodney Alan

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