Behind the Shot | Mia

“Behind the Shot” is a series of blog posts where I provide a little insight.  Behind the camera thoughts sort of speak.  Here I’ll talk about some technical geek speak, camera gear and maybe my thought process to getting the shot.  Every pic has its story so here is mine.

Mia Maguire photographed by Rodney  Alan

Mia.  Sony A7R | Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8

In this particular shot the model is Mia of No Ties Management.

Fall was upon us here in Southern California and I had an upcoming look book shoot.  I met with the client and over coffee we discussed the needs, wants and wish list for the shoot.  After gathering their input I came up with a story to shoot at a pumpkin patch.

I have shot at a local San Diego pumpkin patch a few times and a couple in Los Angeles over the last 4 years.  However I haven’t really shot at any other ones in San Diego.  I could of shot the look book at the same local pumpkin patch, but I wanted to make sure that I was not limiting the look book shoot. Before committing to a new pumpkin patch that I wasn’t familiar with, I wanted to test all possible locations.  Shooting a look book at a location sight unseen isn’t my kind of thing.  If I have been commissioned by a client I want to know all the variables that I’m against and have a plan of how to address them.

From time to time I think its important to test.  Actually I’m a firm believer of testing.  I like to test as much as possible, as free time allows.  Testing allows for one to hone in their craft, try new techniques, work with other creatives or in my case test a new location.

For this particular test I got in touch with Mia of No Ties Management.  We visited and shot at 2 pumpkin patches.  At each location I was analyzing the quality of the light, the variety of attractions and just taking general notes.  The locations had their own strengths and weaknesses and their pros and cons.

When planning for a shoot I want to know all the possible factors that can make or break a shoot.  I call it a preventative planning.  One factor that was beyond my control was the crowds.  I planned to shoot in the early days of October because at that time not many people have Halloween on their minds so the crowds were light.  By having people around we were able to “blend” in.  However its kinda hard to do that with someone as gorgeous as Mia standing six feet+ in heels towering over  kids running around.  Also by having some people in the background it added another dimension or layer to the picture.  It gave the pictures a sense of reality instead of being something staged.

If it wasn’t for Mia and her sense of adventure I wouldn’t of known which pumpkin patch to use.  By testing each location the client’s look book shoot was definitely a success.

Thanks for checking out the third installment of Behind the Shot.

-Rodney Alan

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