Morgan O'Marro photographed by Rodney Alan

The Social Marketing Experiment – Part 1

Morgan O'Marro photographed by Rodney Alan

I’ve been conducting a social marketing experiment of my own.

Six years ago when I started this journey as a fashion & beauty photographer I wanted to get my name out to the eyes, ears and minds of the public.  I wanted people to know Rodney Alan and know the work behind the name.

Essentially I wanted to brand myself.

I constantly shared my work with whoever wanted to see it. I signed up with every popular social media platform.  The social media sites became my distribution channels of my work.

In 2008 it all started with Flickr, MySpace and Model Mayhem.  Then it grew to just about any social media site that becomes the rage at the time.  Some sites I stopped updating and others I continue to use.  I really didn’t know who was looking at my work.  All I knew was that I had to put myself out there for the inter-webs to consume.

Fast forward to today I’m still sharing my work.  What I post online is pretty specific, it’s either pictures I created or a behind the scenes kind of things.  I hardly post pics that are non-photography related or even a selfie.  My profile pics aren’t even a pic of myself, its always been a pic of my work. Personally I’d rather have my audience know my work rather than face.

For the last 6 years I continued to do this.  Post pictures of my work and not of myself.  And while my approach has worked it has its downsides.

I’ll end this blog post here and share my findings in another blog post.

Edit:  You can read up on part 2 here.

Stay tuned!

-Rodney Alan

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