Final Four Frames

A few weeks ago I pulled an all night retouching marathon.  Being behind that computer on hours on end I worked up an appetite.  I went to the kitchen to snack on something however I open up the fridge to find out that there is more film than food.  So instead of finding something to eat I end up looking through my stockpile of film.  While rummaging though the film I realized that I’ve been hoarding all kinds of film stock from Kodak and Fuji in all sizes and flavors.

Its been awhile since I shot anything film related that I don’t even remember the last time.  I’ve been so consumed shooting medium format digital with the Leaf Aptus II that my film cameras haven’t been used in months.  At that point I knew it was time to shoot more film.

I had an upcoming client shoot for their Fall look book and had to do some location scouting / recon work.  Typically I’ll bring a model and a few cameras with me just to test the light and location.  Morgan of Scout Models joined in on the fun and one of the cameras was my trusty Contax T2.  I loaded the camera with some Kodak Ultramax 400 and snapped away.

I find that this particular film stock isn’t the best, but it gets the job done.  The grain is quite chunky and not as fine as a Kodak Portra.  It doesn’t have the best latitude of over/under exposure, but then again one of the characteristics about this film is its grain and tonality.

Of that film roll I want to share the last four shots.

Its the end of the day the sun is setting and we’re just about done walking aimlessly.  There are four frames left and I wanted to finish the roll.  So right before we got into the car we took the final four frames.  The sequence of those shots resonate with me.  Even though the last one is out of focus it still captures the fun day we had roaming the streets of San Diego.

And if you were wondering, since I didn’t have anything to eat in the fridge that one night I ended up going to In-N-Out.  Thank goodness for their late hours!

-Rodney Alan


Morgan photographed by Rodney Alan

Morgan photographed by Rodney Alan

Morgan photographed by Rodney Alan

Morgan photographed by Rodney Alan


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