Behind the Shot | Kendall

“Behind the Shot” is a series of blog posts where I provide a little insight.  Behind the camera thoughts sort of speak.  Here I’ll talk about some technical geek speak, camera gear and maybe my thought process to getting the shot.  Every pic has its story so here is mine.

Kendall photographed by Rodney Alan

 Kendall.  5Dmk2 | 24-70L

In this particular shot the model is Kendall of Wilhelmina. The location is the deserts and mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

One night Charles Lucima and I were talking about his next workshop.  He wanted to do a 3-day destination workshop.  So the planning process went into motion.  We talked about locations, logistics and overall the feasibility of having a 3-day workshop, road trip style.

I’ll spare you the time by skipping over the boring details.  In the end we decided that one of the locations would be this spot where dry lake meets red sand.

I discovered this location by chance really.  During the winter I drive by it so many times that I’ve always wanted to check it out.  Then one day I wasn’t in a rush to get home I decided to pull over and visit one of the wonders of the Eastern Sierra Nevada.  This place being one of them.

Since then I’ve visited this place a few times just roaming around exploring the land.  Then personally shot here before recommending to Charles about this.  I wanted to know the ins and outs, the good and bad about this area.  Basically just doing my due diligence.

So before Charles decides on this location we wanted to test this place beforehand.  So with a few model friends of ours we ventured out to the Eastern Sierra Nevada.  This location is 3 hours outside of Los Angeles so driving out here takes some commitment and planning.

We get to the location and it’s approximately 10am.  The late summer sun is still positioned high and direct.  In most conditions shooting at this time would pose difficulty, however the dry lake bed provided some fill light.  This actually works out for me since I’m such a minimalist.

Staying true to the minimalist in me, I kept the wardrobe pretty straight forward.  We opted for just a simple white tee and heels, no pants or bottoms needed.

Since we’re basically in the desert part of the Sierra Nevada it can get breezy at times.  Small gusts of wind would come and go providing some needed cooling.  I used the wind as a way to bring a sense of movement to Kendall’s hair and shirt.

This shoot with Kendall was a combination of being a scouting mission and a reason to explore and create with friends.  Overall I would say that this shoot was a success!  We enjoyed the great outdoors, got some awesome pics and the location was included as part of LUCIMA’s fashion nude workshop.

Thanks for tuning in for my second installment of Behind the Shot.

-Rodney Alan

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