Behind the Shot | Morgan

“Behind the Shot” is a series of blog posts where I provide a little insight.  Behind the camera thoughts sort of speak.  Here I’ll talk about some technical geek speak, camera gear and maybe my thought process to getting the shot.  Every pic has its story so here is mine.

Morgan photographed by Rodney Alan

Morgan.  Sony A7R | Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8

In this particular shot the model is Morgan of Scout Models and her hair & makeup was done by Ty Marie Combe.

The vibe I was going for was a laid-back-hanging-out kind of feel.  These type of shoots are my fav.  I’m a big proponent of the K.I.S.S. philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid).  No fancy wardrobe, loud makeup or extravagant location.  Just the model, makeup artist and me.

I feel that by keeping things simple it allows creatives to actually showcase their skill set by making something ordinary into extraordinary.

The location is Ty’s backyard patio.  What I liked about the patio is its simplicity.  The chalkboard, the potted arrangement of succulents, the patio furniture all tied together nicely.  I had Morgan sit in the chair while I jockeyed into position so that I can use the items in the background to frame her.  If you notice the balcony post and chalkboard provided a natural frame in a sense. So when you look at the picture overall, Morgan’s face falls in the upper quadrant in regards to the rule of thirds.  But seriously who’s really paying attention to all that, right?!  🙂

Shooting on location can bring up some challenges.  One of them is trying to make the location not look busy or cluttered.  Instead of moving things around I decided to keep things where its at to maintain that “hanging out at home” kind of feel.  Instead I opted to adjust my aperture to give it a shallow depth of field to keep Morgan in focus while the other things that are on a different focal plane out of focus.

Now the lighting for this was pretty simple.   Nothing complicated, it was all natural light, not even a reflector.  But you’re probably wondering how her skin has a gold-ish glow without the use of a reflector right!?  Well the building behind me emitted a nice even light from the mid afternoon sun.

And what good is a blog post if there isn’t a mention of a little gear talk, right?!  I shot this with the Sony A7R and the Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8.

Now all of this wouldn’t of been possible without a good team.  I’ve worked with Morgan and Ty separately on a few fashion and beauty projects over the course of 3 years.  This time around I wanted to bring the three of us together to see what we can create as a team.

So there you have it, my first installment of the Behind the Shot. Stay tune for more.  And if you have anything to say leave it in the comments or if you’re shy shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading.

-Rodney Alan

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