Mid Year Update

The blog has been radio silent, sort of speak. Its been a couple months since the last post.

I’ve been doing some regrouping on my behalf, analyzing things from an industry outlook to my market and just my overall style. While doing so I’ve been testing more frequently than I’ve had in the past.  Testing things from style to equipment and workflow.

One of the things I’ve done is rekindle my love of shooting beauty.  For some odd reason I stopped shooting it.  Not sure why, but maybe it had to do with not having a studio to shoot in anymore.  This time around I’m shooting beauty with either the Sony A7R or on medium format with the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with a Leaf Aptus II 5 digital back.

Rodney Alan Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Leaf Aptus II

Behind the scenes.  Beauty Shoot with Mamiya RZ67 Pro II & Leaf Aptus II 5

A few days back had a beauty test with Charlotte of No Ties Management and one of my fav makeup artists, Ty Marie Combe. I just finished retouching one of the pics taken with the medium format setup. And can I say how much I’m in love with the files!!  When I first shot beauty with the A7R I was really impressed with the detail that’s coming from a mirrorless camera. However for some odd reason the files from the Aptus II just sing to me. Plain out amazing!! Seriously. It has that 3d-ish kind of look and feel without looking too digital. I guess it must be that sensor size!

So after this radio silence/regroup phase of mine I’ve discovered a few new things I’ll be rolling those out in terms of my style and workflow.  Be on the look out cause I’m excited to share it with you.

-Rodney Alan


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