Q & A: Redrock Micro Video Rig

Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Beauty Photographer

For those that follow my blog regularly know that I shoot video with the DSLR every now and then.  While video is not my primarily bread and butter, sort of speak, its more of a creative outlet.  Just another medium to capture beauty and fashion.

Last week I took a behind the scenes pic of the set I was shooting on then put it out there onto social media.  Redrock Micro happened to “regram” that same pic on their Instagram feed.  Since then I’ve received a few questions about my video rig.  I figured this would be a good time to write up a blog post just in case others may have that same question as well.

My handheld video rig is really quite simple, nothing too complicated just functional.  The rig is based on the Captain Stubbling from Redrock Micro.  The Captain Stubbling is a set of handles, carbon fiber rails, baseplate and a follow focus.  I added a few Redrock Micro accessories to add more functionality to my rig too.  One of them is RedRock Micro’s DSLR Mini Tripod so that I can attach a quick release plate so that I can quickly go from a handheld to a tripod setup.  The other is their long microArm for the monitor.

Speaking of monitors I use the SmallHD DP4.  Its the smallest of their lineup, but still featured pack in the software.  At the end of the day its not about having the biggest monitor, its about the software that is built into it.  The functionality most used is the focus assist.  Personally I have the hardest time pulling focus on the back of the camera’s 3 inch screen.  If it wasn’t for the monitor I would end up with a lot of out of focus shots.

So there you have it, my video rig is pretty straight forward just the bare necessities without the added weight.  Enough to get the shot without sore muscles at the end of the day.

-Rodney Alan



Redrock Smallhd Rodney Alan Fashion Beauty photographer

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