Sony QX10: The Smart Phone’s Camera

Sony QX10 Rodney Alan

Sony QX10 & iPhone 5S

Now here’s something unique with a cool factor.  A camera that is a smart phone accessory.

Say what!?

Wait a minute, a camera for your smart phone!?  What’s the purpose if smart phones already have a built in camera.   Ahhh yes, however more than likely that smart phone camera is not shooting at 18MP.

So Sony sent me their QX10 camera back in early March.  Its a camera lens that uses the smartphone as the camera user interface via Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile App.  The QX10 connects to the smart phone via wifi.

The camera is also able to take pictures without the smartphone with the tele/zoom buttons on the Sony QX10 and shutter release to upload later. The downside is there is no way to know the framing of the shot. It’s going to be one of those spray and pray situations.

If you’re anything like me I love playing with cameras. Looking forward to shooting with this bad boy.  I don’t see myself toting this around on my client shoots, but it certainly will be used for of my random photo outings or pics of my family.  Thanks Sony!


-Rodney Alan


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