Oh Sunny Days

Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Photographer-DSC09767Christina.  Sony A7R | Zeiss 35mm f/2.8

The great thing about living in Southern California is the beautiful weather.  Its great just about 300 days a year.  Living in California we pay for this so called “sunshine tax” where one can enjoy the outdoors without having to plan based on the weather. So what does that mean to me… I can shoot outdoors without a worry.  Or at least I thought so.

In my first attempt to test the Sony A7R, mother nature shut me down due to rain.  Out of all the days that I wanted to test, it happen to rain that day.  If you haven’t seen my blog posts of that day check it out. Click here for the story and here for the A7R pics. EDIT:  Had to delete those blog posts due to circumstances.

Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Photographer-DSC09760Christina.  Sony A7R | Zeiss 35mm f/2.8

Fast Forward.

The weather was calling for 72 degrees & sunny and there was an opening in my schedule, so shooting outdoors was a must.  For this test I called up Christina from Wunder to see if she was available and just my luck she was!  And for this day I wouldn’t have it any other way. By coincidence, I first tested the NEX-7 in 2012 and Christina was the one I shot with. Peep out some of those pics here.

Since this was really just a spur of the moment kind of test, I literally didn’t have an ideas of a location to shoot till the day of.  I’ve shoot with Christina so much that I didn’t want to repeat my go to locations with her.  So the morning of, I surfed Google maps and just started looking for something interesting and cool.  We ended up shooting at some rec center on a sunny Southern California day 🙂

Being that I shot this test was back in January, the only lens I had that was FE mount lens was the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8.  This focal length is by far my most used. It’s so lifestyle! Just kidding. Check out some of my pics from this test with Christina.

Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Photographer-DSC09716

Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Photographer-DSC09710

Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Photographer-DSC09687

Rodney Alan San Diego Fashion Photographer-DSC09703

-Rodney Alan

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