Tip of the Day: PIVOT!

During my college years I watched a lot of TV.  One of my favorite shows was Friends.

The most memorable episode was when Ross Geller tried to move his couch upstairs with the help of Rachel Green and Chandler Bing.  While moving the couch upstairs they try to navigate a 90 degree bend in the staircase.  In an effort to get the others to turn the couch Ross constantly yells PIVOT to Rachel and Chandler. This episodes get me all the time, I can’t stop laughing.  This episode is quite popular with others that when I help friends move furniture and I find myself in the same yelling PIVOT just like Ross did.  Anyways what does this particular Friends episode have to do with my tip of the day.  I’ll get to that sooner than later.

At times I’ll spend a few hours in Lightroom & Photoshop grinding through edits and retouching.  After awhile things get tedious.  By tedious I mean “stab myself in the  eyes with the stylus” tedious.  I need to change things up to get a better perspective and see things from a different angle.  By seeing things differently I’m able to spot things I normally wouldn’t and well I’m actually paying attention as opposed to dozing away.  Cause if you’re anything like me you can virtually go into a daze just by staring at an object.

While in Photoshop I like to rotate (PIVOT) the image so I’m seeing things differently.  I may not be doing all my retouching like this but will change it up occasionally.  I’ll start to rotate when I find myself spacing out.

Hello?! Earth to Rodney, come in Rodney!

Screen-Shot-2014-03-07-at-12.15.19-AMRotate Tool

To rotate the image in Photoshop, click on the Rotate tool from the Tools panel.  Its located right above the Zoom tool.  If you happen to be a keyboard shortcut type of user simply press “R” on the keyboard.  Next click then drag the cursor clockwise or counter-clockwise to rotate the image window.  You’ll see a compass show up on the screen.  Release when done rotating to your desired view point.  When rotating you can also hold down the “Shift” key and the picture will “snap” into place at each of the compass points.  If you want to return to the normal view, click on the “Reset View” button in the Options bar or just rotate back.

Rodney Alan Tip of the Day

During skin retouching have you encountered a blemish where it’s in an awkward location and the natural brush stoke to correct it feels unnatural?  Well that’s where rotating the picture comes in handy too 🙂

If you’re looking to spice up your retouching give this a try.  PIVOT your image…  I mean rotate your image and it will certainly challenge you to see things differently.  Once again thanks for checking out the blog and if you found this to be helpful let me know.  Maybe I’ll share a few more simple tidbits in my Photoshop workflow.

PS – if you haven’t seen the Friends episode check it out below!

-Rodney Alan

Stacia photographed by Rodney Alan 20130629-IMG_1532-Edit

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