Decline in Facebook Engagement

Facebook has been my primary social media site for sharing my work since 2009.  Whenever I have new work or a blog post to share my Facebook page is the first to get it then it trickles down to my other social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr, 500px and Google+ when I get the chance or even remember that I have an account (sorry Google+).

In the early years of Facebook, whatever was posted would have been seen by all. Whether it was a post from a Facebook fan page or a personal Facebook profile.  There was no filtering or algorithm that there is now.  When the filtering algorithm was first introduced there was a slight decline in engagement with my page.  Over time the algorithm was tweaked and the engagement decreased even more. That’s when I came across this YouTube video explaining how the algorithm works.  This not only affects fan pages, but personal pages as well.  Just not on a larger scale.

Facebook is very public about their filtering, they go as far as providing analytics for Facebook pages.  The analytics provide feedback on how many actually see the posts.  Or in this case of how many didn’t see the post and gives an opportunity to “promote” posts.  Promote is just a low-key way of Facebook saying “pay up.”  Below is a snap shot of my analytics.

FB engagement

By the looks of the analytics less than 20% of the people who like my fan page  are actually seeing my posts it in their news feed.  And if I want the other 80% to see my post show in their news feed it’s going to cost me.  There a few ways to remedy this.


Have people click the “Get Notifications” in the dropbox under Liked so that whenever the Facebook page posts the recipient will receive a notification.  Another option is to tag people in the pics.  By tagging people, those friends now see your pictures so the reach and engagement may increase.  This can also help in generating new Facebook likes.  However those that liked the page in the first place still don’t see the post which is frustrating.

This filtering has put me into a situation.  Do I continue using my Facebook page knowing that a majority of my audience won’t see the post OR start posting from my personal page.  One of the reasons I still use a Facebook like page is that is easily indexes with search engines.  If a possible client were to google “Rodney Alan Photographer” not only will they get my website in addition my Facebook fan page shows in the results as well.  While I don’t have this Facebook filtering figured out yet.  I do have some things in place to keep the marketing machine going.

For a really awesome explanation of Faecbook’s filtering algorithm check out this YouTube video that I came across.  And if you happen to be reading this and follow my work on Facebook  want to take a moment to THANK YOU!  I truly appreciate the love and support.

-Rodney Alan

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