When Getting Paid Less is More


We’ve all heard the saying “Less is More.” But who really wants less and what situations does this even apply to.

I was surfing the internet and came across this article where Jonah Hill was paid $60K for his role in the movie “Wolf of Wall Street”. For a big budget film this is not considered much money. Jonah’s co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, was paid $10 million for his role. On the Howard Stern show, Jonah talked about wanting to work on this film so bad that he accepted their offer, which is the SAG minimum. Turns out Jonah got an Oscar nomination for his role in the “Wolf of Wall Street.”

This got me thinking of times I’ve taken jobs when getting paid less was more, where the art or opportunity to work with others prevailed over money.  And unknowingly lead to bigger things.

It makes me wonder if I didn’t take on some of those jobs would I be where I’m at today?  It’s not as if I’m at some high and all mighty place winning Pulitzer Prizes, but I’m certainly not on Craigslist scourging for jobs.

This approach is not ideal for all, heck it doesn’t even make business sense for some. But taking on jobs or personal projects for the love of photography may just lead to bigger things.

EDIT:  I’m not suggesting that you take on all jobs at a low rate.  You actually doing yourself a disservice by doing that.  I’ll save that for another blog post.

-Rodney Alan

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