Sony A7r Histogram vs Blinkies

Histogram vs Blinkies

While I’ve been testing out the Sony A7r I haven’t had a chance to write up a formal review of what I think of the camera from a fashion & beauty point of view.  I’m glad that I didn’t rush to writing up one.  So the other night, Charles Lucima calls me up asking if I experienced any issues with the histogram and blinky warning on the A7R.

For those that are unaware of the blinky warning (highlights warning),  its the flashing parts of a picture during the image review on the back of the camera.  I don’t know what the official name of it so I’ll just call it blinkies.

As a digital photographer, these blinkies provide feedback that portions of the image are blown out and have no highlight details.  When this happens you’ll notice that the histogram will touch the right side.  However on the Sony A7r, Charles and I experienced something different.  The camera will display blinkies, but when you look at the histogram its not touching the right side of the graph.  There is a noticeable gap between the right end of the graph and the actual data in the histogram.

To determine that the camera is basically lying to us, we would took that same image into Lightroom 5 to see where the histogram falls and to see if the highlight warnings show.  Low and behold, the A7r histogram is correct and the A7r blinkies were wrong.

From what we gathered the image being displayed in the back of camera review is processed JPG from the Picture Style.  The blinkies are based off the JPG while the histogram is reading off the RAW.

After figuring out what was going on, Charles and I don’t like this at all.  This legacy functionality that we have been using is now broken!  It no longer represents what it has in the years of digital photography.  So do we accept this and adjust our train of thought when it comes to the highlight blinkies on the Sony A7r?

Fuck that!  Sony needs to release a firmware to fix this issue.  Plain and simple.

-Rodney Alan

One thought on “Sony A7r Histogram vs Blinkies

  1. Hi Alan,
    Thanks. I just looking for, if Sony a7 or a7r has the possibility to change the view of Histogramm by using JPEG or RGB, as the DSLR Nikon and Canon do!
    Well, I agree with you, that the blinkie is different to the histogramm.
    But, one thing you have to know, that Lightrooms-“blinkies”-value (clipping) is at 254 RGB!!
    But, you donnot know at witch RGB-value Sony has taken for the “blinkies” on the monitor of the a7 or a7r!!!
    If that is an issu, I donnot know! It depend of the philosophy of the manufacturer! If the manufacturer wants to warn the user of highlight-clipping and be shure that the image is not blown away, then the manufacturer will put the RGB-value lower then 254. Some manufacturer use 241 or 243 as “blinkies” value!!! Because, more then 95% of User shoot only JPEG!!!

    So, for me, I hope Sony will give us the possibility to choise JPEG or RAW for Histogramm and RGB-chart in the menu!!

    Jean Pierre

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