New Addition to the Analog Tool Box

Kodak Pakon F-135 Plus Rodney AlanKodak Pakon F-135 Plus

One of my challenges with film is trying to get lab quality scans from home.  For those that have been long time film shooters know that isn’t possible without an actual lab scanner.  For my purposes, I’ve been using the Epson V700 and was content.  I may not be getting the quality that comes from a Noritsu or a Frontier, but I was happy with the end results.

After a few shoots, I was able to dial in my workflow so that I can be more productive.  The idea was to spend less time scanning and shooting more.  Granted I could of just sent it off to the lab to get scanned when it was developed, but I would loose control of my scan and also cost more in the long run.

Within a few months I grew tired of scanning.  I just didn’t see the purpose of shooting film if I was spending more time scanning and editing than I would be shooting digital and my workflow.  The whole premise of shooting film was because I liked the tones and me doing that in Photoshop didn’t make sense either.  So now I was at a standpoint.

Shoot film and spend more time than needed on a computer or continue shooting digital and just edit pics to make it look like film.  I also took into consideration my ROI.  What is the best route for me.

That is when I came across the Kodak Pakon F-135 Plus minilab scanner.  Stay tuned while I get things up and running with this scanner.  I’m pretty hyped on it because it can scan a whole roll of 35mm film with Digital ICE in less than 5 minutes.  And on top of that the color is already on point without the need for too much tweaking in post.

Anyways here is a sample of a scan of mine with the Kodak Pakon F-135 Plus.  Stay tuned for write up on this scanner.  Maybe even squeeze in a tutorial cause there isn’t much information out there either.

-Rodney Alan

Photo Dec 13, 6 52 18 AMRed Rock Canyon.  Contax TVS III  |  Fuji Superia 400

3 thoughts on “New Addition to the Analog Tool Box

  1. Hi Rodney,

    just picked up one of these small and really fast scanners after reading your post. I was getting tired of waitung for my Nikon 5000 to finish the job and now by using the Pakon F135 the whole strip is done within a few minutes. And it is done very well.
    Resolution is good enough for 8×10 prints and if I want more I will use the nikon. Good advice !


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