Another Film Bites the Dust

FujiFilm FP-3000b

When it comes to photography nothing compares to holding and seeing a print.  Its a great feeling to see an actual print as opposed to viewing it on a computer.  The next level of that feeling is instant film.  Being able to hold and see a physical print within minutes of taking a picture is just mind blowing.

On my medium format camera, Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, there is a Polaroid back available that is used to get an instant preview like the same way people look at the screen on the back of their digital camera.  Personally I use the Polaroid back for its actual prints.

A few weeks back FujiFilm announced that their black and white instant film, FP-3000b, will be discontinued.  I like this film a lot due to it being black and white and having an ISO of 3000.  I use this film with the Polaroid back of the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II.  Considering the sad news, I stocked up on the film.  It will be a dim day in the photography world when the film can no longer be found.

Its sad to see another film becoming a thing of the past.  Once the FP-3000b supply has become extinct the only pack film available for the Polaroid back will be the FujiFilm FP-100c, a color instant film with an ISO 100.  I really hope that FujiFilm will reconsider and come out with a black & white instant film replacement.

-Rodney Alan

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