Black Friday Specials from Think Tank Photo


So with the recent announcements from Sony regarding the A7 an A7R and Nikon with the DF.  I’m sure that most of you are looking to expand your camera lineup.  What better way to house and carry that new camera is with a new  bag.  I’m sure your current one is packed to the seams.

I personally use 3 bags from Think Tank Photo myself.  Each bag serves a different purpose and carries a particular camera for the job.  I use the Retrospective for the Sony NEX-7, the Airport Series rolling bag for all my Canon gear and the Airport backpack for my medium format camera, Mamiya RZ67 Pro II.

With the latest promotion from Think Tank Photo I think this would really help out considering that their products hardly go on sale unless there is a special promotion going on like this one.  Also don’t forget by using my affiliate link below you’ll get a free gift and free shipping.  Now really, who doesn’t like free!

Our friends at Think Tank Photo just announced an exciting Black Friday special that actually starts now!  With this special offer you get a $50 rebate on their renowned rolling camera bags.  And, should you order a roller plus one of their popular Urban Disguise shoulder bags you are eligible to receive a $100 rebate!  And, to top this off you’ll receive free shipping not only on these items but on all Think Tank Photo gear!

To partake of this special holiday offer simply click here and you’ll be directed to Think Tank’s roller page.  There you will find a link you can click to download the rebate form.  Really easy!

Think Tank’s rolling camera bags are renowned for being the best made, most innovative rollers available.  Each comes with easily configurable inserts, innovative security measures, and Think Tank’s “No Rhetoric Warranty.”  The rollers are sized so as to make it easier for you to roll your valuable photography gear onto airlines as carry on, as opposed to having to check it.

If you been eying the Think Tank Airport rolling bags and their Urban Disguise now is the time to take the plunge.  This offer is good through the end of 2013.

Here’s my affiliate link for that free gift and free shipping:

-Rodney Alan

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