More with the Contax T2


Karina.  Contax T2  |  Kodak Portra 400

Over the past 6 months I’ve been shooting more with different cameras and formats. I enjoy shooting with “new” cameras.  It allows me to see things differently and challenge myself.  As often as I shoot, I find photography can get repetitive at times so I like to mix things up.  To over come this I decided to shoot more with film and my Contax T2.

A few months back I went on a road trip to Mammoth.   The winter season was coming to an end so I wanted to get in one last weekend of snowboarding.  While all the other resorts were already closed due to lack of snow, Mammoth was still open.  To make the best of the weekend Karina happened to be in Mammoth Lakes as well so we decided to snowboard in the morning and shoot at my house up there.

That weekend was primarily shot with digital cameras, but on occasional I took a few shots with the Contax T2.  The camera was loaded with Kodak Portra 400.  I’ve been sitting on getting the film developed.  It literally has sat on my desk for 5 months until recently.  Then a few days later I scanned it on the Epson V700.  EDIT:  I rescanned the pics with a Kodak Pakon F135 Plus.

With winter around the corner, Mammoth will be opening their resort this week.  Looking forward to shooting more at the house with its old school nostalgic look and feel of a mountain cabin.

Check out some of the pics.  When using the Contax T2 I fall in love with the results.  Each and every time. Stay tuned for more pics with this camera.




-Rodney  Alan

4 thoughts on “More with the Contax T2

  1. Nice work Rodney, I just picked one of these up recently (swapped my Hexar AF for it) and it is one of the funnest little film cameras I have used to date, so much so.. I cant stop shooting rolls through it!

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