Instagram Video

Christina Meissner

screen shot from my video with Christina.

So its been 4 months since Instagram introduced video to its platform.  For some time I’ve been resistant to uploading videos on IG because I didn’t feel like I had any videos to share with my work until recently.

Since I’ve been shooting short videos with the 5D mark 2 I figured why not upload a teaser type of video to drive traffic to my vimeo page.  While 15 seconds isn’t much time to find a snippet in my videos, why not create a video specifically to upload for Instagram.

The idea is to edit a video to be like a movie trailer.  Like a sneak peak of the video.  Show the some highlights, little logo branding and BOOM!  Instavideo that’s 15 seconds long and IG ready.

Check out the Instragram trailer that I made specifically my video with Christina Meissner of Wunder Management

With that in mind I’ve also created a mini behind the scenes video from one of my shoots with Shelby of No Ties Management.

I figured this would be a great way to leverage the video functionality of Instagram instead of uploading videos of my dog 😉

-Rodney Alan


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