Mirrorless Progression

Bree photographed by Rodney Alan 20130623-DSC06014-Edit

Breeanne. Sony NEX-7 | Zeiss Touit 32 1.8

I’ve become a fan of Sony’s mirrorless cameras. If you’ve followed my blog for some time you can see that I’m a heavy user of Sony’s NEX-7.

From my pics most people can’t tell when the NEX-7 is used, but when they find out it was used for a particular shot they’re amazed. A common question that I get asked is what I like about the mirrorless camera. It would have to the color, contrast and dynamic range that I’ve gotten from the NEX-7. What I also like about mirrorless cameras is its smaller form factor that is capable to deliver a high quality picture that rivals some DSLRs.

Earlier this week Sony announced the A7 and A7R, a full frame mirrorless camera that has gotten me intrigued. Of the two cameras I have my eye on the A7R. I’m looking forward to seeing how it compares to the NEX-7.

Since I’m seriously considering the A7R it has me thinking what this camera will do for me that my current cameras can’t do for me now. As much as I like shooting with new toys it just doesn’t make business sense to upgrade when new cameras are released.

Obviously my pictures are not going to get any better over the NEX-7, but the camera does have its limitations. The one that I find limiting is the ISO range on the NEX-7. I have a high tolerance of grain, actually I welcome it, but anything past ISO 1600 on the NEX-7 is not acceptable for me. In that aspect I hope to see a vast improvement in the A7R.

With Sony pushing the envelope with innovation. It creates competition across the brands and brings down the price points as well. I’m impressed that not only is the camera full frame but the A7R doesn’t have the no pass filter. In combination with a lens adapter I’m excited to use this camera with some of my Canon L lenses. And since I’m already invested into the E-mount with a couple of Zeiss lenses it would kinda of make sense to “graduate” to the A7R. Is the A7R the next step for mirrorless cameras?

One of the things I like shooting is beauty. I’m looking forward to pairing the A7R with the Canon 180L macro. That lens is already sharp, but I can’t imagine how much sharper it can get. Probably too much detail in the pores that it would drive me crazy. This could be the high end camera that Canon users have been waiting for. I know I have.

So over the next few months I’ll be doing some extensive research to determine if this camera is right for me or if it’s just another toy to play with. Cause we all could use more toys tools 😉

-Rodney Alan


3 thoughts on “Mirrorless Progression

  1. I see this as a landmark camera in terms of compact camera quality and price point. I’ve never owned a Sony camera before but I pre-ordered this one and will pair it my Leica lenses. The quality will really only be evident in large prints but should be fantastic.

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