Return of the Blog!

Its been over a month since I’ve updated the blog.  Unlike the US government I didn’t shutdown or leave photography.  Just haven’t had anything interesting to write about.  There’s so much that I can write about but its going to get repetitive.  Then again the sole purpose of this blog was not to entertain or for others to read, but  more of way for me to remember the neat things I did as a beauty and fashion photographer.  If you happen to stumble upon my blog and stick around to read, I appreciate it.

I’ve been working on some neat projects and playing with some new cameras.  Well actually not new in terms of cutting edge digital, but “new to me” type of cameras.  Oh I also finished editing a video!

Check out my latest video that I shot with Christina of Wunder Model Management in Los Angeles.

Still trying to figure out how video plays a part of what I can offer to clients.  Maybe it won’t and I’ll just use it as a creative outlet.  As of now I’m having fun being able to experiment with video.  Its refreshing to do something different with my cameras.  This is out of my comfort zone, but its fun trying something new.  Keeps things fresh and my creativity going.

-Rodney Alan

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