Zeiss Touit 32 1.8 & NEX-7

First Impression: Zeiss Touit 32 1.8

Zeiss Touit 32 1.8 & NEX-7

So after playing around with the Zeiss Touit 32 1.8 for the Sony NEX.  I decided to write up my initial thoughts of the lens.

There are some quirky thing about the  focusing of the Zeiss Touit 32 1.8 that I’m not a fan of.  Because the focus system is focus by wire it makes the auto focus slower by my standards and the focus ring loose.

So let me address the slow focusing.  Its not slow by all means, however when compared to the Zeiss 24 1.8 there is a difference.  Now that isn’t really a fair comparison because the focus ring of the Zeiss 24 1.8 is coupled with the focusing mechanism therefore it seems snappier.  But the Zeiss Touit 32 1.8 is still slow in comparison.

As some may know when a lens is designed on focus by wire the ring will be loose in nature similar to the Canon 85L.  The loose feeling of the focus ring is really good for those moments you need to micro adjust.  However for my shooting style and the way I’ve setup the NEX-7 that loose feeling becomes aggravating.  Let me explain.

The way I’ve setup my camera is to use the “back button” focus method similar to what I’ve done with my DSLRs.  The NEX-7 does a constant pre-focus each and every time you take a shot, which is annoying (Sony please release a new firmware to fix this).  In order to have the camera stop the pre-foucs, I shoot in manual focus mode and assigned the AF/MF button to auto focus.

Combine that loose focus ring with the way the NEX-7 is setup and you can see my frustration.  The ever slight touch of the focus ring puts the camera into magnification in the EVF.  That magnification setting can be turned off, but I don’t want to deal with that every time I switch lenses.

Also its focusing is somewhat loud.  Actually loud is an overstatement, it has a noticeable audible sound when focusing.  Nothing to wake up a sleeping baby, but its something I’ve noticed.

Those little quirks are not a deal breakers, but things that annoy me when using the Zeiss 32 1.8.  And for those that are wondering how sharp this lens it, its pretty damn sharp!  Stay tuned for a more thorough review while I put it through some more tests.

EDIT:  Check out part 2 of my Initials impression review with pics taken with the NEX-7.


-Rodney Alan

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