Sierra Torrey photographed by Rodney Alan


Sierra Torrey photographed by Rodney AlanSierra Torrey.  Polaroid 600 | expired film from 2008

During my dad’s younger years he was a toy and gear freak like myself.  His vice was cars and camera equipment.  While he did have some cool camera gear he wasn’t a fashion photographer like myself.  Just a guy that liked to take pics and videos of his travels and family.  While doing so he always felt the need to have the latest and greatest equipment at that time.

Last Christmas my wife and I were at my parent’s house.  My dad and I were talking about cameras and mentioned that I wanted to incorporate film photography into my workflow.  I asked to see check out his cameras to see he had any expired film laying around.  Unfortunately he didn’t have any film, but he did have a few Polaroid cameras, 2 Polaroid 230 Land cameras with a full flash kit and a Polaroid 600.

My dad was kind enough to give me the Polaroid 600 camera.  He wasn’t sure if it was still functional, but never the less he was happy that I could potentially put it to use.  Before my dad handed it over to me he was telling me stories of where that camera has traveled to.  In my parent’s family albums there are some pics of me as a kid taken with this particular camera so it has some sentimental value to me.

Its the stories like that along with the memories and emotions a picture brings out that I love about photography.

Before I digress lets bring this back on track.

So a few months ago my buddy gave me a couple of packs of Polaroid film that he had laying around.  Fast forward to today, I decided to give it a try on the Polaroid 600.  I called up Sierra Torrey to shoot a quick test and during that session I took a few snaps with the Polaroid.  To my surprise the camera still works!  Since the film has been expired since 2008 I wasn’t expecting it to develop, but it did!  The retro look and feel to the pics was purely awesome!

Sierra Torrey photographed by Rodney AlanSierra Torrey.  Polaroid 600 | expired film from 2008

I’m pretty stoked that the camera works.  I look forward to using it and taking pics of my own travels and family with this same camera.  If only the film from The Impossible Project was a little more affordable I’d use the Polaroid 600 more often.

-Rodney Alan

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