Vine: Another Social Media Site?!

With so many social media sites its almost hard to keep up. I ask myself if this new social media phenom is the same ol’ shit wrapped in a pretty wrapper or does it offer something new? In the case of Vine, a new service from Twitter, it allows the user to upload 6 second videos.

First thing that came to mind was how can I get my point across in a 6 second movie clip. That was my reaction to when Twitter was born. How am I going to use Twitter!? I thought to myself 140 characters is not enough. Over time I was able to gather my thoughts within its limitations. At first it was difficult, but if I was focused it was really not that bad. Also the fact that I learned how to abbreviate just about every word LOL.

When it comes to Vine I was clueless how I can use it to market myself. I created the account and sat on it for a month trying to figure out. Then it dawned on me the best way for me was to provide an insight to my photo shoots by uploading quick and dirty behind the scenes videos.

So if you happen to follow my work on facebook, tumblr, twitter or what have you be sure to follow me on Vine so that you can see more of what I do from a behind the scenes perspective. Search for me up under Rodney Alan πŸ™‚

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