Lease on Life – Mac Pro


OWC Solid State Drive

Recently I’ve been adding a new lease on life to 2008 Mac Pro.  It all started when 4 sticks of memory decided to take a dump.  I was down to 8GB from 16GB of ram and noticed how much  slower my computer turned out to be.   You can read more about those stories here and here.  That got me wondering what else I should be upgrading to harness the most out of this workhorse.

I remember a few years back reading about Solid State Drive as an hard drive upgrade, but never did jump on it.  Back then the price of SSDs were cost prohibitive so I decided to pass on it and put it towards more memory.  Fast forward to today and the prices of SSD have dropped significantly that I figured why not.  I installed an SSD from OWC. I picked the 120GB version because it will be used primarily as my boot and applications drive and for any projects that I may be working on.

Right now I’m kicking myself for not upgrading any sooner.  I can’t believe how much snappier my computer boots up and runs.  With the SSD the Mac Pro boots in 26 seconds!  That in itself blew me away.

In hindsight if your computer is not running the max amount of ram or a SSD I highly suggest that you do one or the other and if your budget allows BOTH!  You can thank me later.

-Rodney Alan



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