The Message

Canon 1V

Canon 1V

Recently I’ve been asked by my friends, “Why shoot film?”

That’s a really good question given that I’ve been picked up a few 35mm film cameras lately and that I already have a few digital cameras to use from.  I don’t have a fancy artistic answer like film allows me an intimate connection or some off the wall reason.

I just like the way film looks.

It doesn’t matter the type of medium I’m using, my style will still be the same.  If I knew how to paint I would certainly do that too.  Heck I would draw you like one of Jack’s French girls if I could draw! (Titanic movie reference).

Whether its digital, 35mm or an Etch A Sketch the medium is of no importance to me.

Its not about the medium, but about the message.

What’s your message say?

-Rodney Alan

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