Super Size Me

Photo Mar 06, 11 17 31 PMSeagate Barracuda | 2 x 3TB RAID 1

Recently I ran out of hard drive space in my Mac Pro. Before I made the upgrade the Mac Pro was stuffed with 2 x 1TB drives for data storage, a boot drive and another drive for Time Machine. So over the years I’ve filled up 2TB of data with pictures. That’s a shit load of work that I’ve accumulated.

These hard drives are used for data storage and filled up pretty quick so I needed to get more additional space. I decided to go with a 2 x 3TB drives running RAID 1. In the past few years I haven’t had the need for backup because of Time Machine, but I wanted to be certain with my backup strategy that I wanted a little redundancy in the data. So that’s why I chose to go with RAID 1.

Personally I would of gone with RAID 5, but I was not going to shell out more money for Apple’s RAID card and didn’t want to have a separate tower of hard drives when I have open slots available in the Mac Pro. I figured I can sacrifice a little speed for the sake of using RAID 1 given that these files are not accessed that much.

I’m pretty stoked on the amount of storage that I have in the Mac Pro. Its going to take awhile to fill these puppies up. While upgrading my hard drives I decided to give my computer a new lease on life so I’m upgrading the boot drive to SSD. Stay tuned cause I might share my thoughts on the upgrade.

-Rodney Alan

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