Apple Mac Pro - Rodney Alan

Back in Business – Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro - Rodney Alan

Mac Pro | 20″ and 23″ Cinema Displays

For the past 5 years I’ve logged in many hours in front of my Mac Pro.  Its been my workhorse over the years, my command center if you will.  As a fashion photographer this has been just as important as my cameras.

I can throw just about anything at this and it will just fly.  I’ve been able to run some pretty CPU intensive programs at the same time and continue to be productive without a hiccup.

My Mac Pro is a 2008 model with dual 2.8 Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 16GB of memory from OWC.  When I got the 16GB of memory I’ve always wondered if it was really was necessary.  Heck I was even questioning if I over bought and if the Mac Pro itself was required.

My computer has served me well up until 4 sticks of OWC memory failed.  One day I turned on the computer to only see the power LED was blinking.  Its like the equivalent of seeing a BSOD on a Windows computer.  My stomach nearly dropped seeing those lights blink.  After diagnosing the issue, I found that 8GB of memory failed.  After pulling the bummed sticks, I’m left with the Mac Pro running 8GB of memory.  Trying to run Lightroom and Photoshop seemed painfully slow.  And to add to that madness when I wanted to listen to some music it didn’t help at all.

Fortunately I bought my memory from Other World Computing (OWC).  They have a really good warranty on their memory.  They came through in the clutch and replaced the modules quickly, I was only down 2 days with a slow computer.  Slow according to my standards, cause I don’t have the patience when that spinning beach ball shows up.  Good thing I was semi productive or it would of sucked to be down 2 days behind schedule.

At that point I realized that having 16GB of memory wasn’t overkill at all.  I’ve been so used to the speed of the computer that I forgot that all that memory was actually doing me good.  Thank goodness for the lifetime warranty and quick service from OWC, otherwise I would of been out a couple hundred bucks having to replace faulty memory.

Until then, my trusty 5 year old Mac Pro will keep on trucking till the next revision comes out.  I might even consider upgrading the main boot drive to SSD to keep this work horse plugging away.

-Rodney Alan

3 thoughts on “Back in Business – Mac Pro

  1. Got any pictures of the back of the two cinema displays, are the stands the same height? The reason I ask is I have 2 23″ Cinema Displays and one needs a stand, all I can find at a reasonable price is a 20″ but I am not sure if its shorter..

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