Amy Row photographed by Rodney Alan

Aint Nobody Got Time for That

Amy Row photographed by Rodney Alan

Amy Row.  Sony NEX-7  |  Zeiss 24 1.8

January is nearly over and I’ve only posted once to the blog.  I’ve been lagging when it comes to updating.  Believe me I’ve got plenty to talk about.  However not much time to write about it.  I could write up a few sentences and call it a day, but I want to write something meaningful and with substance.  Or at least try to.

I’ll update you with what I’ve been doing so that hopefully it will make it to the blog as its own post.  I figured if I put it out there onto the inter-webs it will hold me accountable to follow through.

I’ve been shooting a lot.  I’ve also been testing various types of mediums and cameras.  Digital, 35mm and even instant film.  I also shot another video with the 5Dmk2.  Yeah I’m still shooting with a camera that’s outdated considering the replacement (5Dmk3) has been out for almost a year.

Photography to me is not about the equipment.  I’ve grown to learn that is not all about using the latest and greatest equipment or the medium being used.  Its about capturing that fleeting moment that can’t be repeated.  So whether its captured in video, digital, 35mm or instant film it doesn’t matter to me.

In the mean time while I find time to blog I’ll share a couple pics from one of my shoots with Amy using the Sony NEX-7 and Contax T2.

-Rodney Alan

Amy Rose photographed by Rodney Alan

Amy Row.  Contax T2   |  Portra 400

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