Rodney Alan_Contax TVS II

Going Analog II

Contax TVS II

Contax TVS II  |  iPhone 4s

For as long as I’ve been a fashion photographer, I’ve shot digitally exclusively.  The great thing about shooting with a digital SLR is the instant feedback and the ability to take what seems to be an unlimited number of pictures.  With that said who in their right mind would want to shoot film when digital seems to be the popular medium for those things mentioned earlier.  I do!

Only recently have I had an interest in shooting film.  What others see as drawbacks to shooting film I see as advantages.

Film doesn’t have that instant feedback and takes longer to see results compared to digital.  Granted that is true, but look at it from my perspective.  Film allows me to get emotionally detached from the shoot and look at the results from a different view.  Many times after a shoot I get excited and rush to the computer to work on the pics.

The excitement after a shoot doesn’t allow me to see things differently or objectively while culling through pics.  I’ve noticed that when I allow myself time apart from the shoot and pictures that I see the pictures in a different light.  Therefore I’m more objective to my work and not running on the excitement of the shoot.

Film is limited to shooting at 24 or 36 exposures at a time.  While that is true, film allows me to think about the shot before pressing the shutter button.  It gives me the opportunity to look at everything in the viewfinder to make sure that moment I capture is what I want.  As opposed to using the “spray and pray method.”  Who wants to cull through a 1,000 pics?  Who has time for that?!  Definitely not me.

Given to what seems like limitations of shooting film I decided to pick up another, the Contax TVS II.  So now I have 2 film cameras, the Contax T2 and the Contax TVS II.  Stay tuned to the blog for an update with my film cameras and review.

-Rodney Alan

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