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Round 2: Contax T2

Rodney Alan Jessica Jordyn

Jessica Jordyn. Contax T2 | Portra 400

In one of my previous blog posts I had a first impression of my film camera, Contax T2.  While the first time using it wasn’t under ideal of lighting conditions I figured it would be best to give it another try.  This time I used it during an agency test with Jessica of No Ties.

Earlier Jessica and I were shooting inside the studio.  The hair and makeup was done by Janet Pippins.   We shot some fashion and beauty on some seamless.  After 4 looks I wanted to shoot with the Contax T2 so we ventured outside around some random business park buildings.  The skies were clear and the sun was shining bright around 2pm.  This is my ideal time for sun when shooting.

The film in the camera was Kodak Portra 400.  The T2’s max shutter speed is 1/500 so I couldn’t shoot in direct sun light with a shallow depth of field which happens to be my favorite way to shoot with natural light.  So I looked for covered shade.


Jessica Jordyn. Contax T2 | Portra 400

I want to share some of my pics taken with the Contax T2.  As some may have noticed, my blog is not all about camera theory nor do I “measure-bate” camera specs.  I’m all about real world results from this fashion photographer.  Why argue about specs if one cannot use those specs to put it to use.

I’m totally digging the results I get with the T2 when paired with Portra 400.  The skin tones and color is on point to my final look. The amount of grain is just right.  I want to give Kodak Portra 160 a try as well.  Hopefully I can get the same skin tones and look with it.


Jessica Jordyn. Contax T2 | Portra 400

Shooting film has been fun. Its somewhat nostalgic when dropping off the film.  Brings me back to times when i had a film camera in college.  I like how my workflow has speed up, by spending less time in Photoshop to get that film look.  Between the 2 shoots, I really like what the camera can do so much that I plan on shooting an editorial with just the Contax T2.

-Rodney Alan

EDIT:  Check out another one of my posts with the Contax T2 here.

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