Whitney Ellison photographed by Rodney Alan

SESSIONS Magazine – Housewife Diaries


Whitney Ellison.  5Dmk2 | 70-200 2.8L IS

I’ve been meaning to blog about a fashion editorial I shot with Whitney Ellison and a fabulous team back in August, but never got around to it.  I’ll try to recap the day as best as possible considering my crappy memory.

One summer afternoon I was having some beers with one of my favorite makeup artists, Janet Pippins, about shooting an editorial.  We talked about the idea of using the color palette around red.  Janet loved the idea so I started throwing around some ideas and locations for the shoot. One of the first things we quickly agreed on was to shoot with Whitney Ellison 🙂


Whitney Ellison.  5Dmk2 | 50L

For those that aren’t familiar with Whitney Ellison I’ve worked with her a lot over the course of a year.  She is on my website and social media sites and just about everything when it came to my photography.  Whitney is by far one of my favorites to work with because she is such a blast and makes this not even seem like work.  And to add to all that Whitney is absolutely gorgeous!!  I can go on and on about Whitney, but I digress.


Whitney Ellison.  5Dmk2 | 70-200 2.8L IS

So now I’m working with some of my favs and in need of wardrobe to fit the color palette red.  I turned to wardrobe stylist Erica Ashley for her expertise.  She brought in some wonderful vintage pieces to complete the look.  All that was left was to find a location.


Whitney Ellison.  5Dmk2 | 70-200 2.8L IS

One thing for sure is I didn’t want to shoot this in the studio.  As much as I enjoy shooting in the studio, I felt that it would be too boring.  It got me thinking where have I recently scouted or tested that could potentially be a good spot?!?  Then it hit me, use the same location as I did for my 2nd video shoot, Plan B.  The house was at beautiful setting in the hills of North Country San Diego with dark hardwood floors, a beautiful swimming pool, a lavish courtyard and views of the Pacific Ocean.

The day of the shoot was so hot and humid it was tempting to jump into the pool just to cool off for a bit.  This was such a fun filled day that I look forward to working with this team again.  I’ll share some of the pics that were not used by SESSIONS Magazine.  Check out SESSIONS Magazine‘s site for the pics used for the editorial story, Housewife Diaries.

-Rodney Alan

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