Bree Grande photographed by Rodney Alan

First Impression: Contax T2


Bree. Contax T2 | Portra 400

A few weeks ago I bought myself a film camera, the Contax T2. In an earlier blog post I mentioned that I’ve never shot film as a fashion photographer. Well its true, I really didn’t pursue this journey into fashion photography until the digital SLR age circa 2008. After shooting digital for the last 4 years, I discovered that I’ve been spending time in post replicating the look of film. Figured to make better use of my time might as well shoot with film. So here’s my first go at shooting film.

Right after buying the Contax T2 I wanted to test this camera out. So Derren Versoza, John Schell and I thought up of an idea to venture out to a location that none of us have ever been to. We figured if we’re going to do this might as well do it with a full team. Each of us planned out our own shoots and see what resources we can share. For this caravan adventure, we decided to use 1 hair & makeup artist for our 3 models and have 2 wardrobe stylists for mine and John’s model. For this test I called up Bree who I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with a month prior. The location was a ghost town 30 minutes north of Los Angeles.

The lighting situation for this location wasn’t the best and with the clouds rolling in and out it didn’t help. A day before the shoot it was raining so the weather forecast was calling for partly cloudy. Personally I’d rather shoot in direct sun light then have to deal with the sun being covered by clouds every 5 to 10 minutes. And the fact that there was a mountain range that would block the sunset about 45 minutes sooner than anticipated didn’t help the situation.

Before using the Contax T2, I was shooting with the Canon 5Dmk2. It wasn’t till the end of the shoot that the whole premise for us to be shooting was to test my film camera. How forgetful I can be. My first impression with the camera will be for 1 look and under 1 lighting condition during my shoot with Bree.


Bree. Contax T2 | Portra 400

The Contax T2 is a compact point and shoot film camera that was released in 1990. I can go on about the specs about this camera, but you can google that on your own. The impressive thing about this camera is its build and lens. The camera is manufactured from Titanium and has a Carl Zeiss T* Sonnar lens @ 38mm f/2.8. I’ve found this focal length to be a nice lifestyle-ish type of lens similar to the field of view when pairing the Canon 5dmk2 with the 35L or the Sony NEX-7 with the Zeiss 24mm 1.8. At this focal length you can pull in the background into your shot. The size of the camera is larger than your typical digital point and shoot. I like the size of the camera, I can actually hold it with my hands when taking a picture and not with my index fingers and thumbs. The camera is still pocketable but can be bulky if you’re into wearing skinny jeans.

The film I used for the shoot was Kodak Portra 400. I’ve done some initial research and this film seems to the bees’ knees for portraiture.

-Rodney Alan

EDIT:  Check out a few of my others posts with the Contax T2 here and here.

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