Morgan O'Marro photographed by Rodney Alan_20121110-IMG_6607-Edit_web

Allure Makeup Academy

Morgan O’Marro. 5dmk2 | 50L

When you live in Southern California the outdoors is your studio. There are so many options within a short drive its nearly impossible to get bored. However there are times when shooting in the studio becomes handy, like the few days that it does rain or when you want to shoot in a controlled environment.

A few weeks ago Janet Pippins, owner of Allure Makeup Academy, and I were talking about shooting some beauty and a little fashion for one of her makeup school graduates. I’ve been having so much fun shooting outdoors with natural light that it hasn’t dawned on me to break out the lights for any of my shoots. I figured this would be a good time to get back to the studio. It has been roughly 6 months since I’ve shot anything in a studio even using any type of flash.

MUA Ashley Spafford & Morgan O’Marro | iPhone 4s

The makeup artist that day was Ashley Spafford and the model I was working with is the amazing Morgan O’Marro from Industry Model Group. My assistant for the day was Kevin Calumpit. The agenda for the day was to shoot a little fashion indoors, some beauty shots and head to the rooftop to get some outdoor fashion looks. The makeup looks would change with about every 2 outfit changes.

beauty shot | camera back of 5dmk2

For the indoor and outdoor fashion looks I used the 50L on the 5dmk2. For the beauty shots I opted for the 180L. This is my lens of choice as mentioned before in an old blog post. I can’t get enough of how sharp this lens is for beauty. I hardly use this lens for anything else other than beauty work. The last time I used this lens was for a beauty shot with a makeup artist, Amy Ruiz, that was taught by Janet Pippins herself.

Well there you have it, a quick insight to my day at Allure Makeup Academy in San Diego. I was pretty stoked on the pics that I got of Morgan. Especially the studio and beauty shots… heck its been half a year since I’ve shot with any flash. I guess I still have it. Janet was so happy with my work that I’ll be one of their photographers for their graduate students for those that choose to build their portfolios.

Morgan O’Marro | 5dmk2 50L

Stay tuned for more stories from my days at the San Diego makeup school, Allure Makeup Academy.


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